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Tactics would give it his best regardless of neodymium magnets how implicated the situation is. Their father were neodymium magnets who they looked up to and knew ring magnets in magnets in he were neodymium magnets always correct. Not did he only defend a black male, but remained respectful to everyone in the town including Mrs.. Dubos. Mrs.. Dubos remained grouchy and mean all the time to everyone, Tactics always tried to ignore her ignorance and talk to her in a cheerful- attitude ¦ magnets look like a picture this evening (Lee 100). Mrs.. Dubos were neodymium magnets not the only one ring magnets in magnets in Tactics tolerated, but his sister, Alexandra also gave him, the kids and mainly California a really difficult time. Tactics and the kids thought of neodymium magnets neodymium magnets California as their Emily member; however, Aunt Alexandra never appreciated their presence. Also, as Tactics said ¦ Scaloppini ¢s not leaving this house until she wants to. She ¢s a faithful member of neodymium magnets this family ¦ (Lee 137). Tactics is a major influence to others especially when he is clearly highlighted ring magnets in magnets in courage and believing in one self helps to overcome any obstacle ring magnets in magnets in comes in ones way. Tactics stated in the book ring magnets in magnets in magnets must fight despite magnets seeing chances of neodymium magnets neodymium magnets losing more than winning. He did not believe racism existed as he were neodymium magnets the one who went out in the courtroom to defend a black despite seeing no chances of neodymium magnets him inning. He were neodymium magnets

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